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    AFS are recognised internationally as the ideal tropical dairy cattle,

However, there are not enough purebred AFS heifers available to meet demand - The solution is AFS A3 heifers,

The AFS breed combines the tick and parasite resistance. heat tolerance, fertility and foraging ability of the Sahiwal with the high milk production of the Holstein Friesians. The mix of 50% Holstein-Friesian and 50% Sahiwal has been fixed. The AFS is a pure breed.

After 30 years of breed development, the milk let down problems of the Sahiwal have been eliminated and improvements in production, temperament and reproductive ability have been made.

Under tropical conditions, the AFS breed characteristics include:

                * high milk production

                * 12 month intercalving interval

                * good temperament

                * easy milk let down

                * resistant to ticks and other external and internal parasites

                * heat tolerance

                * high fat and protein milk

                * low maintenance

                * good foraging ability

                * sound feet & legs

                * easy calving

These characteristics enable AFS cattle to outperform European cattle in tropical environments.


Holsteins & other temperate breeds have heat stress problems in the tropics.

The combined effects of tropical temperatures and humidity, severely affects Friesian cows. When temperatures rise above 25°C and humidity above 50% the combined effect is a decline in reproductive performance. Temperatures above 30°C and 45% humidity result in reduced feed intake and significant reductions in milk production. Other temperate breeds have similar effects. Typically a Friesian in hot humid conditions will not go back in calf and will milk until lactation finishes and then has to be culled.


Because there are not enough purebred AFS heifers available to meet demand, the solution is AFS A3 heifers.

AFS A3 heifers are out of milk-recorded Holstein Friesian cows and sired by proven AFS bulls. This makes them 75% Holstein - Friesian and 25% Sahiwal genetics. AFS A3 heifers are registered in the Appendix 3 of the Association's Herd Book.

A pedigree certificate will be supplied with each heifer. The heifers have good milking ability and tropical adaptance. They do not have the temperament and milk let-down problems that plagues the Sahiwal/Friesian first cross animal available in the marketplace. Culling for poor milk letdown and temperament can be as high as 40-60% in the Friesian/ Sahiwal first cross animal.


Upgrading to Pure Bred AFS

The calves of A3 heifers inseminated with AFS semen will be A2 animals i.e. 62.5% Holstein-Friesian and 37.5% Sahiwal and so on. The AFS Cattle Breeders recognise that different countries have different needs. If desired, AFS Cattle Breeders can develop a programme to suit your specific requirements with all the necessary instruction for the development of your dairy herd. The figures in brackets are the percentage of Holstein/Sahiwal or Bos taurus/Bos indicus genetics at each level.

  •                                                                                                     Registered
  •                                                                                                     AFS Sire (50/50)
  •                                                                                                               \____ Registered
  •                                                                           Registered                 /         AFS Cow (53/47)
  •                                                                           AFS Sire
  •                                                                                    \_____A1 Cow (56/44)
  •                                           Registered                      /
  •                                           AFS Sire
  •                                                  \___A2 cow (62.5/37.5)
  • Registered                              /
  • AFS Sire (50/50)
  •                         \_____A3 Cow (75/25)
  •                         /
  • Friesian Cow (100/0)

From AFS A3 heifers it is possible to upgrade to a pure AFS herd or to establish the level of Sahiwal or Holstein-Friesian that is required for your particular environment. A3 heifers can be shipped at 5-7 months pregnant. They can also be shipped at 6 - 9 months of age. This gives the animals time to adapt to local conditions prior to insemination, and improves subsequent reproductive performance. It also reduces shipping costs.

Training courses on such topics as artificial insemination, livestock nutrition and management, herd recording and dairy design can also be arranged. Ask your commercial provider.



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